Colorescience® UV Protecting mineral foundation makeup products deliver non-chemical sun protection with added defence from environmental stressors. Our award-winning mineral powder foundation with SPF and cream products formulations make application and reapplication easy to do throughout the day.

Finally, a range of foundation that is functional, effective, and also provides a greater level of protection for your skin compared to traditional chemical-based formulations.

Whether you are looking for a pressed powder, cream, or a camouflage corrector palette, the  Colorescience  has developed a great selection of organic mineral powder sunscreens that will keep you looking your best while also giving you moderate UV protection.

You can use our natural foundation products alone, just as you would with any chemical-based formulation, or you can layer them with  mineral sunscreens for even better protection from UVA and UVB rays.


The exclusive formulations of mineral foundation are really effective, in the past there were many brands selling mineral makeup that just didn’t feel right – it was cakey, felt unnatural, and didn’t breathe well – but now thanks to many years of research you can find a great selection with Colorescience.

Colorescience mineral-based foundation makeup is a range made using minerals instead of the chemicals you would typically find in traditional makeup. These minerals often include mica, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide, which you would normally see in sunscreen, and that is why a mineral-based foundation also offers greater protection from the sun than traditional types of makeup. The minerals are simply ground up into tiny particles and then pigment is added.

Another important point to think about is what we do not put in our organic mineral foundation products. All of these foundations are paraben-free – a risky type of preservative that is commonly found in traditional makeup – and we take great care with every included ingredient to make sure that it is as safe as possible for regular use.


Almost all, but there are two main exceptions, so we’ll start by covering those. For those with broken skin or an unusually bad skin condition, you should always ask a doctor or dermatologist before adding anything new to your skincare routine. This is good advice for any new product, not just mineral-based ones.

Now, let’s get to the benefits of using this type of makeup on various types of skin. For a start, most professionals recommend using mineral makeup after a peel or other similar procedure because the ingredients actually help soothe the skin instead of upsetting it at this delicate time. So, if it’s good at soothing the skin after a procedure, you can trust that it will be gentle at other times for even the most sensitive skin.

For those with acne-prone skin, you’re in luck here too. Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, which means your pores can breathe without being clogged up, and it also contains no added oils which would otherwise interfere with your natural balance. Apart from that, acne-prone skin also benefits from how gentle and soothing the ingredients are in general.

Our all-in-one mineral makeup is designed to create a flawless foundation.  The natural finish foundation is specially formulated so that you can apply it even when active, so you don’t have to worry about it smudging or having to re-applicate it!

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