Age and skin damage make the skin less elastic and cause wrinkles to appear. Injectable anti-ageing treatments are a fast acting and effective non-surgical way to soften and smooth lines on the Glabellar (frown lines), forehead and eyes (crows-feet), leaving a more relaxed refreshed and youthful appearance.

At NY Skin Clinic we use Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) which is a prescription drug (pom), a purified protein, which is injected with a very fine needle into selected muscles in the face. Botox injections work by interrupting the signal in the muscle leaving them relaxed. There is minimum discomfort and no downtime with this treatment.

All injectables are administered by medical staff who are expertly trained to achieve the most natural results, carried out in a clinical environment in accordance with medical protocols assessed and governed by Health Improvement Scotland.

Book a consultation with one of our medical practitioners who will assess your skin, be able to advise the best treatments for you and answer any of your questions or concerns.

In addition to treating wrinkles, Botox also blocks the nerve connection to sweat glands and is an amazing treatment for excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis).

Procedure Time: 30 minutes

  • Who is it suitable for?

    It is suitable for most people who want to prevent and treat wrinkles. It is the best prevention treatment for wrinkles, and even older people with static lines love the relaxed look it provides.
    It is produced in albumen so is not suitable if you are vegan or have an allergy to eggs.
    It also isn’t suitable if you have any neuro-muscular conditions or have ever suffered from Bells Palsy.
    Other treatments are usually required to wait two weeks after anti-wrinkle injections.
  • Side effects

    • It is possible to have a heavy feeling due to muscles not moving.
    • Some people report having a headache after treatment which usually subsides shortly after.
    • Bruising – there is always a risk of bruising with any injection, but they are usually quite small and usually cover with makeup.
    • Eyelid ptosis – this can happen on older skin or with people who have naturally heavy eyelids. When we prevent the horizontal lines across the forehead, it means that there are restrictions in raising the eyebrows – when you are older or have heavy lids this inability to raise eyebrows can make the eyes look hooded.
    • Very rare but we have to warn you there is a risk of eyebrow ptosis – this is when too much product is injected into the forehead area and can result in the eyebrow falling low.

  • Aftercare

    Immediately tiny red bumps where the skin was injected can appear, and they are massively reduced within 5-10 minutes.  If your skin is sensitive, it may be longer. Usually, there is no trace of the injections within half an hour. This is a common lunchtime treatment.

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