IPL Intense Pulsed Light

NY Skin Clinic off an advanced treatment for pigmentation and sun damage. Uneven pigmentation, fine veins or sun spots are the most aging of skin features. IPL treatment effectively targets pigmentation to reveal clearer, more even skin. IPL treats skin pigmentation, resulting in clearer, fresher skin. As a bonus, IPL is also a collagen stimulant which builds the elasticity of the skin.

What is IPL?
IPL is a light therapy that uses flash lamp technology to deliver a small bandwidth of intense light into the dermis of the skin. The particular wavelengths of the light delivered (browns and reds) are especially good for treating AGE SPOTS, PIGMENTED CHANGES AND BROKEN VEINS. IPL can treat anywhere on the body (legs, arms, hands, neck, décolletage) but is most commonly used on the face.

Who is IPL for?
IPL is useful for everybody, with or without age spots. It is excellent for evening out tone and is especially good in the winter when exposure to sun is less common. It is also beneficial and works well in combination with most skin treatments on offer.

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