Votiva Forma V

Votiva Forma V

The Forma V is the latest and world leading technology which resolves vaginal and urethra related issues caused by childbirth, menopause and the natural ageing process. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from stress incontinence, by which simply sneezing, laughing, or exercising can trigger. Thankfully due to this new and innovative technology you can now enjoy all the freedom that vaginal wellbeing brings. Replacing the need for incontinence products, medication with negative side-affects, or worse still painful surgery, Forma V is able to restore internal and external vaginal health, through the activation of natural healing and tightening.

  • How does Votiva Forma V work?

    The Forma V sends gentle radiofrequency waves through the walls of the vaginal canal, which activates production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in vaginal, labia minora and vulvar tightening. It also stimulates the blood supply and restores normal secretory gland activity, to relieve vaginal dryness.  It is a non-painful treatment with no requirement for post care and patients can return to normal activities immediately, including sexual intimacy and athletic activities the same day.
  • Who is Votiva Forma V for?

    Votiva Forma-V is designed for feminine wellbeing to overcome issues that include:


    • Urinary stress incontinence
    • Vaginal Dryness
    • Painful sex
    • Vaginal laxity
    • Post-menopausal changes
    • Childbirth changes
    • Reduced vaginal sensation
    • Wrinkling on the labia and vulva

  • What are the Medical Benefits?

    • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
    • Improved urinary stress incontinence
    • Tighten internal and external laxity
    • Improved blood supply and secretory gland activity
    • Improving vaginal dryness
    • Strengthen vaginal muscles and more supportive canal
    • Can significantly lessen painful intercourse
    • Enhanced sensation

  • What are the aesthetic Benefits?

    • Restoration of pink colour to vulva area
    • Increased elasticity & tone to vulva and vagina
    • More youthful appearance

  • How many sessions are required?

    Our medical personnel will determine the best course of therapy for you. Most patients require 3 sessions for best results.

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